3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Nutrition & Health

We have just completed our 6 week Real Food, Real Fit! program and I am so proud of all of our Challengers and the successes they achieved in just a matter of weeks. The program was meant to be a re-set for the body and mind through improved digestive function and improved nutritional status using only whole, real foods.


Throughout the course of the program, we experimented with new foods and recipes, and learned to practice mindful behavior to discover how the foods we feed our bodies affect our unique selves. Along with optimizing their nutrition, challengers participated in Titan’s group training classes which were specifically designed to support and challenge them during this 6-week period.





Only 6 weeks later and most are reporting  wonderful results like steady energy and mood, looser-fitting clothes, feeling full and satisfied between meals, better quality sleep, and finally kicking the sugar habit!

Congratulations challengers, you did it! My hope is that you found a new food perspective, that some of what you learned has made its way into your daily routine, and that you know now how to live in a way that makes you feel your best. 


So you didn’t get to participate this time around? No problem! Click the links below for 3 easy steps you can take now to improve your nutrition and your health:

  1. Eat more whole foods.
  2. Plan and prepare ahead. Set aside time to plan, shop for, and prepare food for the upcoming week. Keep a “Sunday Prep Day” ritual and make sure the house and kitchen are stocked with healthy essentials.
  3. Rotate or React! Keep a Varied Diet to ensure you’re achieving the full spectrum of nutrients available in whole foods.

Need help getting started? I’m here for you! Let’s make a plan together so you can get ready to live your best life!