End of summer tips for staying on track!


Here we are at the end of summer and gearing up for a new school year. This transition back to regular, more disciplined schedules can sometimes put a damper on us staying on track with our health and fitness goals.

Now is the time to get ahead of the game and start preparing for the schedule shift so that our healthy habits transition seamlessly from the relaxed days of summer to the stressful, back-to-school regimen that ensues in just a few short weeks!


Here are some tips on things you can do NOW to ensure back-to-school success:

1. Study your schedule.

  • Take some time to figure out you and your family’s schedules. Often times, your obligations to kids and their sports, clubs, activities, and carpools will take precedence over your own healthy habits like regular workouts, meal preparation, and adequate sleep so getting an idea of what your weeks will look like will help you prepare ahead for all the responsibilities you will have to juggle.

2. Get your sleep in check.

  • Nail down your bedtime routine and start going to bed at the same time each night.
  • Set your alarm to wake up at the same time each morning – preferably at the time you will need to wake up when school is back in session!

3. Prioritize your exercise routine.

  • After studying you and your kids’ schedules, block time off in your calendar that you will dedicate solely to your exercise routine and get into the habit of reserving your spot in classes.
  • If your exercise time will be different from what you’re doing now, it’s time to start attending classes or exercising at the time you will be blocking off so your body can begin readjusting to the change. If you’ll be exercising after work, don’t forget to pack your gym bag the night before!
  • Remember that different exercise time might mean altered sleep habits and/or new meal and snack times so it’s time to experiment with those to find what feels right for you.

4. Practice meal planning and meeting your hydration goal.

  • Start carving out some time you will dedicate to menu and meal planning in the weeks ahead. (You know I’m a big fan of weekend meal prep but you need to do what works for you!)
    • Collect your go-to weekday recipes and get your shopping lists in order
    • You don’t have to start from scratch every week, just pick and choose your favorites and rotate them!
  • If you struggle with keeping up with regular meal or snack times during the busy school year, (especially you teachers out there!) then now is the time to practice and adjust to eating at your designated meal and snack breaks.
  • For those of you with more challenging or demanding work schedules (again, teachers!),  get used to staying on track with your water baseline and bathroom breaks to get ahead of the schedule shift.

Don’t lose momentum or let the upcoming back-to-school schedule shift  get in the way of all the progress you made over the summer!  Be proactive and practice now for success in the near future.

Need a little help with a realistic plan or strategy? Get in touch, I’m here for you!