Keeping your nutrition on track at your Super Bowl party

A whole day dedicated to football, food, and booze to steer your nutrition off course this Sunday, great! If you’re heading to a Super Bowl party this weekend or  hosting one yourself, the last thing you want is to end the night feeling full and uncomfortable or guilty about the food and beverage choices you made.  

Don’t panic, just plan ahead and follow a few simple steps to stay on track with your health goals:


  • Get out and exercise! Go for a run,  hike, or long dog walk, or opt for a quick workout at home.
  • Eat regular meals before you head out so you are not ravenous with limited options available when you gt to the party.
  • Make some healthy snacks to share so you have a compliant option available or better yet, host the party at your place so you have control over the main spread.

At the party: 

  • Peruse your options before you dig in. 
  • Grab a small plate and look for healthier options first like vegetables and proteins and choose dips with an avocado, bean, or yogurt base.
  • You’ll eat less and make better choices if you opt to eat once instead of grazing all day. Stay away from foods like chips and sweets that keep you wanting more (because you can’t have just one!). 
  • If you decide you want an unhealthy snack, don’t think of it as a “cheat” and make a conscious decision to enjoy it. Just moderate your intake and be mindful of what you’re eating throughout the game — by the end of the party, you should be able to remember what and how much you ate.

Sunday is about the game (or the fun commercials) and quality time spent with friends and family — don’t make the food the main show! 

Check out some Real Food recipe ideas if you want to bring something more health conscious AND delicious to your Superbowl party:

Choose any variety of seasonal veggies!

My go-to for parties
is a veggie platter and an assortment of dips like guacamole, curried chicken salad, pesto, baba ghanoush, tapenade, creamy kale, or mashed pea and mint….

I know, kind of lame but I’m fine with being that friend that’s always forcing vegetables down your throat 😉 .